Lost City of Surferio

Connected areas:
Sanmite Steppes

The city of Surferio has an interesting history a the former capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, the kingdom that eventually split up to become the Kingdom of Airyglyph and the Kingdom of Aquaria. When the city sank into the sea at the end of the Aquor-Greeton War, it became home to a group of humans who became suited to living with an excess of water making travel by boat very common. At the present time, this city is part of the Sanmite Republic.

Also see Surferio.

Inn: Merpomet

Tavern: Come Together Pub

Armorer: Romul’s Workshop of Weaponry

Outfitter: Muscle Gardens

Eatery: Unalterable Past

Lost City of Surferio

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