The Church of Apris

The Church of Apris is a polytheistic religion found on Elicoor which is the official religion of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria but is also followed by around half of the rest of Elicoor’s inhabitants. The primary god is Apris, the Sun God.

The Gods of the Church of Apris I

The Church of Apris worships many gods in addition to Apris, the Sun God. There are the Sun God’s wives, the Triplet Moon Goddesses, along with their offspring, the eight gods and goddesses of land, water, fire, clouds, light, darkness, time, and the underworld. Then there is the Emissary of Apris, who is charged with conveying the word of Apris. These gods and goddesses are enshrined at temples across our land, where they are worshipped by countless followers.


Divine Prophets

Holy Figures

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Ikelos’ Book of Prophecies

The Church of Apris

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